Todd Show in Atlantic City, NJ on April 21, 2007

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What can I say? Todd was amazing as he always is! He's a pleasure to watch. He is a true performer and is so very comfortable on stage. He does not know the meaning of dull. His voice was so strong and he was dead on. Excitement penetrates the air when he is on stage. I will never get enough of the high I feel when he is performing. I'm so happy he is still able to do all his signature "Todd jumps and twirls". Jesse, Tony and Jerry were awesome also. They sounded great together. The set list was fantastic, it spanned Todd's entire carreer. It was a rocking show from the get go, beginning with "Buffalo Grass". But I have to say when he did "Broke Down and Busted" and S.L.U.T., two oldies that I'd never seen him perform before, I was blown away. What a treat. Drive and Black Maria were real rockers and Tiny Demons sounded amazing, as did all the selections. Todd ended the regular set with One World, an upbeat yet warm and fuzzy tune that makes us feel connected to one another. He encored with "Hawking" which was unbelievably soulful. My friend Lisa and I got right up front for this one. He sung his heart and soul out. I've never seen anyone perform with such intensity. Can't help but love him. Finally Todd ended with Worldwide Ephiphany" and it was fantastic. I didn't want him to leave the stage but before he did, he gave us his much anticipated kind farewell of "Have A Safe Trip Home Because We Love You". What a sweetheart! We love you too, Todd! After the show my friend Lisa and I had our hopes dashed after getting backstage without a pass, and being asked to leave. All we wanted was a picture with Todd, our hero since we were twelve years old. We met Todd two years ago at PNC Arts Center. He was so gracious and gave us his autograph but we did't get a picture (no camera). Anyone have any ideas on how to get a picture with Todd? For all those going to the remaining Todd shows, you won't be let down. Todd will work his magic as always. He is phenomenal! The man does not slow down....and that's a plus for us. Enjoy!!!

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4/21/2007 - Atlantic City House of Blues - Atlantic City, NJ

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