Atlantic City House of Blues

Review by Bob Shellock (Switch to

Not in this order but somewhat close, and surely not all

Much more Todd, Much less Jesse

All electric, no acoustic

Started at 9:03 non stop till 10:40 then encore

This is a Todd electric guitar show (A++++++)

Buffalo Grass
I hate my Frickin I.S.P.
Soul Brother
Black and White
Worldwide Epiphany
Fascist Christ
Temporary Sanity
Mystified “Broke Down and Busted” Mystified
One World
Tiny Demons
No.1 Lowest Common Denominator
I Saw The Light
Black Maria

Bob Shellock
Blackwood, NJ
Show #86 since 5/15/1977

See ya in Philly Friday

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4/21/2007 - Atlantic City House of Blues - Atlantic City, NJ

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