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First of all, I will never take a chance on BUYING a backstage experience again. For what we paid to join the fan club, then a pretty good chunk of change for a backstage pass, the experience was not worth it.Especially since I had flown in from Dallas just for this as my 55th birthday present to myself. Seems like a couple hundred bucks would get an after show pass to me and a couple of other folks who bit the bullet, but that wasn't to be either.

I realize that the venue has a lot to do with this and Disney is the worst. With their Sunday Gospel show ending at 3 pm the show's load in changed from 4:30, to 5:45, to finally 8:45. We were then alotted 5 minutes with the band and no trivia contests, karaoke, or any other spiffs. Todd and the boys won't have to worry about seeing me backstage again(not that they would).

So after the poor pitiful me part, the concert itself was excellent. Elliot is such a great guitarist and he and OH play well together.

Greg adds great keys and sax and of course the rhythm section of Kasim and Prairie are solid together.

So I'll sum it up with this -great show and I learned a lot. See you fans in the audience next time.

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