Review of LasVegas show December 16

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Saw three New Cars shows in 2006--Saturday night in Vegas was the BEST.

Great energy, great musicianship, fun evening. The band has fun on stage, very evident.

All band members but Greg exited out the front of the HOB 45-50 minutes after the show.

TR and Kasim were most gracious, polite and considerate. Very much appreciated and noticed. Very nice gentlemen. Lets hope this band continues. Outstanding talent.

Only negative was the "Jerry Springer" look alike in the front row....the guy was incessant in his begging for pics from the band(if I were Elliot I would have dumped some water on him for not shutting up or stopping the constant hand signal pleas).. Too much beer and self centeredness = a spectacle. That type of weirdo gives fans a bad name.

Also spotted TR in lobby of "The Hotel" at Mandalay Bay around 5:30pm. Nice to see folks did not bug him as he went to the gift shop for a few minutes. Most "stars" would not risk being out with the normal guests at hotels...TR is unique.

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