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As the tour wound down, the atmosphere on stage seemed outright uninhibited. There was much buffoonery, smilage and other forms of cavorting. Las Vegas' small but tasteful House of Blues welcomed TNC with open arms. The band gave a wonderful show and from the 6th row, the sound was perfect. Kasim was all smiles and seemed to be having a great time.

After seeing three shows now, two up close, I have come to appreciate Elliot and Greg as fine musicians. Prairie was stunning as always. This combination of musicians would make a fine touring band with TR, and if they could put together a combined show, would do great tribute to the Todd Rundgren catalogue as well as the Cars material.

I'm hoping that the guitar Todd used for the last number is a sign that there is some Utopia in our future. As for the lineup-- this band would do fine! With no disrespect to Roger or Willie, if they are not up for a tour, these five guys could kick some mighty arse.

Thanks to everyone involved for working so hard to bring this music to us. 38 years and counting---

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12/16/2006 - House Of Blues - Las Vegas, NV

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