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I was just thinking back to the Majestic Theater, Ventura, Calif concert and thought I would write a review, even though it's been a while since the concert.

I saw TNC at the Gibson Universal, LA earlier in the year and they were excellent. Blondie sucked, I just don't get it, never did. It was a bit like watching a cartoon character in polyester. Anyway......

The concert at the Majestic was just so unique and intimate.. The Majestic is an old Fox Theater type of setting. It takes you back to probably the 1920's. Not much has changed. All of the ornate wall and ceiling coverings are still there. It is run down a bit, but that just adds to the charm. Killer old building, complete with balcony and giant chandeliers.

There were a few hundred people in attendance (I'm guessing) so it was a small group. Bummer for TNC's, but great for us TR fans. I was able to stand at the front of the stage for the entire concert. It was crowded in front, but not annoyingly so.

TR said something about appreciating the fact that we all came out to see them right before Christmas, even though there weren't a lot of us.

This concert didn't have any of the extras that were at the LA show (i.e. video on the walls) but it was kind of better without them. TNC played like there were 10,000 people in attendance, but it was just us, in a small venue, up close, just great!

I'm not a big fan of The Cars music (even though I think EE and Greg are excellent musicians, Prairie and Kasim too) I really go to hear Todd. I went mostly to hear Black Mariah. I think back to TR playing it in the 70's, wearing the David Bowie'esque Spiders From Mars outfits. He sounded great then and possibly better now. It was just such a unique concert.....being able to stand there, right in front of TR, in a tiny venue, and hear Black Mariah.....does it get any better? After completing a fabulous version of BM on Foamy, he added " don't fight the Foam!" You gotta love it.

The entire concert was fun and they were all exceptional. It blows my mind that it is still possible to see a talent as unsurpassed as TR, in this type of small environment. I've seen him many times, in small venues, but this was just different for me for some reason.

All in all, it was a special night for this TR fan. Great venue, great proximity to TR, great music................

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12/14/2006 - Majestic Ventura Theatre - Ventura, CA

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