San Francisco, December 10, 2006

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So I decided to take in another Todd/New Cars show. Ahh, but where you might ask. Why not San Francisco? Why not indeed.

So I booked myself from Albany, NY at 6:00 AM Wednesday December 6, to San Francisco. The way I saw it. I could hang out for a few days, take in some sights, see Todd and the boys on Sunday and head back home on Monday. This show would be the "capper" to a nice little impromptu vacation.

How does that saying go? The best plans about getting laid... No. Laying plans is like a... No, that's not it either. Well, something about making plans. Anyway, to avoid making a long boring story a little less boring, suffice it to say, (cue the violins) I GOT ROOKED!

Well ok, not just me. There were a few other folks that couldn't believe it when they heard that the show was canceled. Actually, it's a shame that everybody, the audience, performers and anyone connected with the show's production got rooked. And that's a damn shame indeed. But, the hands of fate will apparently deal us any ol' cards at any ol' time and there ain't a whole lot that we can do about it..

So although I didn't plan this trip exclusively around seeing yet another "Todd Show," it was the catalyst for my little jaunt to San Francisco. Oh well, I'm sure that it would have been another great show whether I had been there or not.

Ya know, I just might be getting a little old for this kind of stuff.

But alas, it now looks as though I'm going to have to wait till 2007 to see what Todd has planned, touring wise that is. I'm sure that whatever it may be, it will be something different, interesting and most likely well worth the wait.

I guess I should consider myself lucky to have seen Todd perform as many times as I have already, but I tend to be a bit greedy sometimes. Oh well. That's my lot and I suppose I'm stuck with it.

Well, I feel a little better now, thanks for letting me vent.

Sayonara all.

Paul R. Stringer

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