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Do they use a staff mixing guy at HOB?

OK, what is this my 8th or 9th New Cars show? Since the Center Staging rehearsals when I went on to the forum saying you should see this band there were peeps saying no way, oh how could he, and other assorted comments, trolls, moles, and sheer pandemonium about this colorboration.

Today I was at the bank and they were playing the original version of "My Best Friends Girl" for background music as I stood in line. I must say, the original clever as it was just wasn't as good as the latest reincarnation of the Ric Ocasek's tune.

The Cars songs are good, but it's taken to a new level with Todd at the helm, he make the songs rock. Todd's not only a tune-smith in his own right but the man knows how to sing, produce and perform them to make 'em great! Last night was no exception.

Happily Kazim had made the trip back from the UK in time for Los Angeles show. Seeming well rested and "on" his bass playing was very much in the HOT category as was Todd's vocals and every one's playing very much above par. On "your all I've got tonight" we got a bit of "day tripper" or was that "satisfaction"(?) during Elliott's solo and big grins from Todd and Kaz. Had the sound guy been on it the show would have been steller.

The crowds goes wild for this show. I like 'em too and keep going for the cardio vascular workout, (disco dancing and clearing out the ol' pipes singing along) Having a great time is what the show is about for all concerned, Rocking good fun ;*)

Not much else to say except Thanks Todd, thanks Elliot, Prarie, Kaz, & Greg for making it so much fun and steering the NewCars in the right direction....Too bad the promotion company dropped the ball, especially when the band is giving they're all.

One more thing it was great to see Michele Rundgren's smiling face at the show.

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12/05/2006 - House Of Blues - West Hollywood, CA

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