Boulder, Colorado 12/1/2006

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After seeing Todd Rundgren perform many dozens of shows over nearly 30 years, this is the first time I've seen him front a band playing mostly music that wasn't his. But that didn't stop Todd from performing at a top level, and having fun while doing it. It's been said that Todd performs best with a band, and this tour is proof.

My wife and I work in Boulder, so it wasn't a far drive for me to the parking garage near the theater. I saw that no one was waiting for the doors to open, which was a good thing, as it was already below freezing. I walked back to my car, dropped off some things, waited a short time, and returned to the theater, where I had promised to meet my wife after work.

It wasn't long before I was met by another fan, Joann. We talked a few minutes, and we both recognized that we had seen each other at the same theater three years earlier, when Todd performed solo. She reminded me that her daughter Jennifer, then five, got to meet Todd at that last show, and I remembered them then. Jennifer wasn't able to attend, but I did ask Joann to say hello for me, if she remembers.

A short time later, Gary from Avon (Colorado mountains) arrived and shared some tour stories with us. Soon, my wife Alice showed up, and chatted for a few minutes before getting some dinner for herself and me. It was great for me to chat with other fans (Joann's from the east coast like I am), but Alice would rather not stand around in the cold listening to tour stories. So she went shopping on the Pearl Street Mall, and I continued to chat with Joann and Gary, and watch the parade of people who work there go in and out of the theater.

Shortly before the doors opened at 7:30, the line began to grow. Joann had brought some art she had purchased at Todd's estate sale many years back, and framed rather securely. She wanted Todd to sign it, but couldn't get the picture out, so she'd be happy to have him sign the glass in permanent marker. Michael MacLauchlan met me at the door, and recognized Tom who had some great photos from an earlier show on the tour. We chatted for some time, and I gave Michael his ticket. Alice returned a few minutes before the doors opened, and once inside, we found a few seats at a table that was close enough to see the action, and high enough to see over the fans that stood up close.

Here's the setlist for the show:

Hello Again
Let's Go
Shake It Up
Best Friend's Girl
I Saw The Light
Dangerous Type
Moving In Stereo
All Mixed Up
Black Maria
You Might Think
Bang The Drum All Day
You're All I've Got Tonight
Bye Bye Love
Not Tonight

Encores: Just What I Needed Open My Eyes Let The Good Times Roll

It was great to see so many cool fans at the show, including Cars fans that were willing to give this band the opportunity to play the music they love and appreciate it enough to enjoy it all.

Thanks to Joann and Gary for hanging out with me, waiting for the doors to open; Michael Mac for meeting me before the show, and enjoying some after-show cheesecake before the drive home; Steve and Janice for sharing our table; Tom for sharing some great photos with us before the doors opened; and all the great Todd fans that said hello as we attended the First Church of Toddientology.

While I look forward to whatever Todd wants to do next, this show was well worth it.

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12/01/2006 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO

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