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It was a cold night in Boulder but the excitement at seeing The New Cars revving their engines certainly helped to shake off the chill.

My wife and I had been planning for this night since the tickets first went on sale. We dropped the boy off at my dad's house in Boulder and headed over to the beautiful Boulder Theater. Upon arrival we found a couple of seats in the balcony since the wife is with child (as they say) and wanted to be able to rest her weary feet. Persephone's Bees impressed both of us and we bought their CD afterwards and had the whole band sign it. They are very good and real nice people to boot.

I was not about to stay on the balcony for the main act however and went downstairs where I met up with my boss who I convinced to come at the last minute. And then the show began.

I see a wide variety of music so I appreciate intent as much as skill when attending a show and these guys had plenty of both. I have been a Todd fan since I first saw him in early 1990 and can never get enough. As far as The Cars go, I liked their hits but never gave them too much thought. This particular ensemble seems to be the best of both worlds. Todd brought his gifts to the table and created a real spark that made the music live and created a continuity that made it seem as if every song was telling a story. More theatrical than just a musical concert. Elliot Easton was really fun to watch as was Greg Hawkes. I got the impression that they felt the tunes were getting the best treatment possible. Prairie Prince was looking good in his drum ring area and Atom was very good, did his job well.

My wife joined me on the dance floor during Black Maria (which blew the roof off the joint) and stayed 'til the end. The boss loved it and has pulled his old Todd recordings out. Here it is three days later on a Monday and I am still glowing.

Thanks Guys!!!

btw, Dig the suit Todd

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12/01/2006 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO

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