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Great show at the Boulder Theatre. Haven't seen Todd with a band since the power trio thing. He pulled out of Colorado on the Liars tour, which sucked. So I had to make the 220 mile trip from Carbondale over two 12,000 + foot passes in a blizzard past accidents and other horrors to go see this show. I was not let down as the super tight group slammed mercilessly from one Cars smash to the next. Freeking fun. Even though I was there to see Todd, and certainly would have preferred a Todd show, this was still somewhat of a Todd show and this show shows what Todd can do when he has a tight band. I haven't seen Prairie Prince since scooping up generous earfuls of Tubes shows in the late seventies and early eighties. Of course, he's one of the tastiest session drummers and every record he plays on gets way better. Prairie made the band the insanely driven monster that it is. His drums were tuned to perfection and he understands the music, gets inside it and punches his way out like a prizefighter. KEEP PRARIE! Elliot Easton was a freak but sure was distracting me from other things as he made it look easy on a delicious collection of Gibson SGs. I was prepared for him to be blazing and he wasn't. For Elliot, he matches some of the catchiest chops with delightful tone coming from two large Marshall amplifiers. Perfect tone. It was bizarre to see Todd chopping away at rhythm licks while Elliot gobbled up the lion's share of the guitar (and rightly so since they were playing Cars songs). But Todd plays great rhythm guitar and when it was time to add his own little touches and strokes they were plenty awe inspiring. The thing about Todd's style is that he reaches for drama with high notes and fast fingers that is really inspiring. Listen to Just One Victory and you'll know what I mean. I first saw Todd on the Ra tour. And then it was on to sweet Utopia shows all over the Bay area all the way through Adventures in Utopia and beyond. That's when Todd kind of abandoned the hot band, searing guitar playing thing and went on to bigger bands and solo shows. Todd has always been one of my favorite guitarists and I've seen him rip and thanks to the sweet backup Todd is getting back into fighting form. Yaaay! What Todd needs to do next is get a band like this and assert his formidable catalog of dramatic and wonderful tunes on an unsuspecting world. Black Maria, the Last Ride, Abandon City, Bird on A Wire, new stuff, old stuff, and, to honor the band, a couple of Cars tunes, a couple of Tubes tunes a couple of XTC tunes, Meatloaf and all the nectar these guys have collectively worked on.

I brought two musician friends to the show and we were all grinning the whole time!

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12/01/2006 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO

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