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After a night of being entertained by Todd and The New Cars my thoughts keep wondering back to the fans. I met some of the most convicted fans of The Cars and Todd's. What a great bunch of people all in one venue to pay tribute to our artistry idols if you may. Which returns my thoughts to the old clichés "without fans where would our musicians be"? Although understanding that to be a person of popular demand is taxing, I do wish that we would have had the opportunity to see ( all )of our entertainers after the show.

This is the first TR concert that my husband and best friends have ever attended and they were amazed at how well the sound was. The vocals and music were right on.Not a body remained still for Bang on the drum! Nice job guys. Todd mentioned that this venue" was at the end of the universe",and next stop was Haiti. He seemed to be in a very humorous form last night,alot of joking and laughing flying around the stage :)

Nice talking to Prairie,Atom and the others after the show. What wonderful down to earth guys they are.

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11/28/2006 - Kewadin Shores Casino - Saint Ignace, MI

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