Review of Chicago show 11/26

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Great show Sunday at HOB.

Total time was 1hour 47minutes, inclusive of 3 encore songs.

This was better show than the one in Vegas in May(which was very good itself), with inclusion of the last two cuts off the "Its Alive" cd, and a re-ordering of the set list. They also performed a hybrid version of "Bang the Drum"--half accoustic and half electric. Nice change. Instrumentally, this band is awesome, and they do look like they really enjoy playing together. Lets hope they stay together in 07 and beyond.

The opening act, the P-Bees, were like a high school rock band. First number was OK, rest was yawn-worthy only.

TR has had much better opening acts over the years, like Ethel, and Big Bam Boo.

On to Vegas in December.

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11/26/2006 - House Of Blues - Chicago, IL

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