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The Good news/Bad news show…….The good news, absolutely wonderful rock and roll show. The bad news, nobody showed up! Getting the bad news out of the way, we were in the sixth row center and when the house lights came up after the opening act, Persephone's Bees, we turned around and the crowd (or lack of) was spotty at best after about 12 rows.

From my experience, Milwaukee is usually a good Todd crowd, but I don't know where they were tonight. Somewhat embarrassing.

Anyway, those of us that were there were blessed with a highly entertaining show. I've been a Todd fan(atic) since the early 70's, seen tons of shows, and this one was somewhat refreshing. Todd seemed much more enthused and energetic as opposed to the solo Todd/Joe shows last time around. It was fun to see him playing something besides his own material and he seemed to be having fun doing it. He looks in better shape too. That was the feel of the whole band, just havin' fun. Kasim was light and energetic as always (does this guy age?) and was as tight as ever with Prairie. What a SOLID ROCK of a rhythm section!! Elliot and Greg……awesome!!! No wonder The Cars enjoyed so much success. I wore out the first two Cars albums because it always seemed that they were the ones my friends wanted to hear…. and rightfully so! Good solid musicianship.

Great new set too. The Cars highlights with some Todd peppered in. The Todd stuff fit well. The set list? I just happen to have Todd's set list here in my hot little hands, thanks to a friendly crew member.

Hello Again
Let's Go
Shake It Up
Best Friends Girl
Candy O
I Saw the Light
Dangerous Type
Moving In Stereo
All Mixed Up
Black Maria
You Might Think
Bang The Drum (acoustic & electric)
You're All I've Got
Bye Bye Love
Not Tonite

Encore: Just What I Needed Open My Eyes Good Times Roll

So, again a great rock & roll show. DON'T miss it !!! Persephone's Bees proved to be an enjoyable opening act and The New Cars took over from there and worked it into a dance in the aisles evening.

Great musicians creating wonderful memories. Thanks gentlemen!

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