Clear Lake Iowa

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Just go...amazing.

First time at Surf Ballroom, sight of Buddy Holly's last performance. Toured club while the Bee's played, saw last song, very good.

New Cars came out with Hello Again, was surprised to hear 'All Mixed Up' with Kasim singing, after 'moving in stereo'. All the newer songs were covered, with ISTL, OME, a variegated Bang on the Drum and the most excellent version of 'Black Maria' with TR on foamy. As Todd introduced (being in Iowa...which he is happy to have because otherwise ya would just have a big hole in the ground leading to china) "here is another dimension we will explore"...or something like that. Definate Cars highlight was "youre all i got tonight" rocked!

Was a 2.5 hr trip for us, and I would go again if I had no obligations. Thanks Todd!

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11/24/2006 - Surf Ballroom - Clear Lake, IA

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