Detroit State Theater 11/22/06 Review of the New Cars.

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The opening band Persephone’s Bee’s was very good. I liked them better than Blondie this summer, really! Bob thought it was one of the better warm-up bands he's heard.

They immediately broke into songs and kept playing song after song with little in the way of interludes between them. It really kept things moving along. Every once in a while between songs, following/during the applause, Todd would say "You like?" with a funny little accent.

Obversation: EE was more of the lead guitarist this leg of the tour. They all seemed very pleased to be on stage with one another. Todd looked at the set list near the end of the show like he was sorry to see the night end.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said: Highlights of the show were:

During the introductions, Todd said that he didn't understand how Eliot played like he did, rocked as hard as he does, night after night. Todd introduced Greg Hawkes as the Music Fairy. He went on to say to the audience "one of these days you will wake up with a transcription under your pillow." Todd said that Kasim just came in from Kazakhstan (Borat reference?) with his witty intellect I wonder how many in the crowd got the joke (it took us a while). He referred to Prairie as being some sort of primal drumming force (paraphrasing). I saw a lot of new faces must have been Cars fans.

I got to Lei TR during Bang, EE commented to Todd “you just got lei’d.” I am calling this leg of the tour the Slim Fast tour, Todd is sooooo rail thin.

This show was 10 times better than when I saw them this summer in Ohio, the boys must be practicing, I hope a new CD will follow. Bob, who had seen the original Cars and didn’t like them in concert, said the New Cars were 10 times better than the original. My son, Shaun, who isn’t impressed easily loved this band, and esp. enjoyed the movements (or lack thereof) of Greg Hawkes. I never knew that EE was such a fine guitarist the Cars never struck me as a guitar band.

Fans were commenting on how none of the usual Todd suspects were in the house, and why wasn’t this show advertised more? I passed on the info. about Kasim coming to Ann Arbor in Jan. to few of them.

Warm was the Detroit premiere.

More was Excellent left us wanting more....

I will keep going to these shows until Kasim starts aging, does this guy ever look a day older, when does he sleep, and how is he so bubbly all of the time ? His flick a pick side show had the girls on his side of the stage busy.

Merchandise booth: there is a new pink t-shirt, a thermal long sleeved one and a fleece jacket priced fair for concert shirts!! Check out the merchandise booth!

High energy was in the house all night long TR had put his heart and soul into this show and it showed, no flub ups, the whole band was giving it their best.

Here is some of the banter that took place on stage:

EE: It’s so great to be in Detroit, the whole band was really looking forward to playing at the DTE venue and it had to get canceled because of my arm. Todd: Go Lions! crowd boo’ed him. “Go Away Lions” the crowd cheered that sentiment, “That’s the spirit”.

Before Black Maria Todd said something about vectors off on a tangent here we go.....

TR: See if you remember this one EE: He’s only kidding this is a new one it’s on our It’s Alive record....then they played More.

TR: You like? This is the time of the evening when we proceed to update you on the personnel here, wouldn’t want nobody calling me say Ric for instance, in case you haven’t caught on by now, just checking making sure.

EE: Does anyone doubt about who that is? TR: I admit it, I am a wanted serial killer, speaking of killing, this guy kills night after night, I don’t know how he gets away with it, Elliot Easton. TR: It must be the soothing ameliorating effect of the melliferous tones of the Music Fairy Greg Hawkes (Greg: Music Fairy?) he’s gonna leave a whole transcription under your pillow one night. Bring the thunder, bring the funk, bring on Prairie Prince. A special surprise for you tonight all the way from Kazakhstan Kasim Sulton (Koz Um) Kasim: what? what?. EE: On guitar and lead vocals the cornerstone of this organization the center of this band Mr. Todd Rundgren.

Drive: Kasim said Thank you, Thank you Detroit. Todd said that we are just so darn musically restless come with us now that we can’t help wandering off of the tour bus and getting ourselves off on the musical waves to the musical weeds (?) (Bang). When they did Bang (Kasim and PP were esp. good tonight during this song) I got up to lei Todd, EE commented that “You just got lei’d”. Near the end of the song Todd said Should we give them one more, one more time....I don’t think that’s enough one more time.

They played 1:37:37 Encores were Just What I Needed and Open My Eyes. EE: we have one more for you so don’t go Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and a wonderful holiday season we love ya and then they did Let The Good Times Roll. Todd closed out by saying Everybody in Detroit have a safe trip home we love you Detroit.

P.S. The Utopian looking guitar that Todd is using Bob feels is an omen of things to come.

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11/22/2006 - Detroit State Theatre - Detroit, MI

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