Cleveland House of Blues

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My girlfriend Angel and I arrived early and got front row on Kasim and Greg's side of the stage. Every thing started innocently enough with Persephone's Bees playing some interesting alternative rock. My favorite part was when they switched instruments and the bass player let loose with some searing lead guitar.

When TNC take the stage the energy level rises and never lets up . This was pretty much a straight ahead no frills rock and roll show with plenty of chaos on and off stage. It was pretty wild. Todd and Elliot seemed to be competing for the sickest looking shirt, of course it didn't effect their shared awesome guitar playing. Todd's songs seem to be more a part of the set than separate presentations now. Greg's keyboards are icing on the cake and he's fun to watch in his own little world. Prairie Prince was rock steady and Kasim had to play a few songs actually holding his guitar with his hands and playing because his guitar strap kept popping off. He never missed a note. The set included everything you would want to hear.

Elliot's extended lead guitar solo brought a smile to Todd's face when he snuck in a little bit of Hendrix Dolly Dagger vocals at the end. The whole show seemed like a high speed chase never knowing what's going to happen next. Todd gets the award for the most hilarious band introductions ever. It was great fun, and funny watching them watch us, and everyone having a blast. If you think your going to this show and just see them play the songs, your in for a shock because this in happening in the now. Rock and roll is the fountain of youth. Drink deep.

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11/21/2006 - House Of Blues - Cleveland, OH

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