The New Cars Cleveland HOB 11/21/06

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What a great night for all involved! I read on the way in the capacity for the venue was 750+400 seated and my guess is there were around 900 total there, with that said the bottom section which was standing room only was packed full of energetic fans ready for this show. Didn't catch much of the opening act but what I did see I liked. TNC's came out with as much energy as 20 yr olds and rocked the place from start till end, they were having the best time this night, these guy's really seem to enjoy working together, and it shows! The set list was the same as it has been for this 2nd leg of the tour, of course for me the highlight's were the TR songs especially "Black Maria". We were thrilled that Kasim was a late stand in for this show, Todd and Kas really seem to mesh musically and they really seem to like each other, like brothers I always thought.One memorable blurb from Todd was as he introduced Kasim he said "this guy is a virtual walking hall of fame himself, Kasim Sulton" I noticed this much younger set of couples in front of me and they were obviously "Cars" fans, reacting to hit after hit and seemingly less connected to the Todd stuff but I heard many comments from them about Todd, mentioning what a great guitar player he is etc., they seemed to be impressed with TNC's, made me smile!!! OK, for some unknown reason ticket sales seem to be down in some markets for this show and all I can tell you is don't miss this tour, I can see Todd likes these guy's and is having a great time playing with them and he deserves our support with this project too, you know Todd it will be on to the next thing before you know it, plus the band really does sound awesome. Don't regret it later that you didn't get out there and see this tour.

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11/21/2006 - House Of Blues - Cleveland, OH

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