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I Though the New Cars show at the Borgota in Atlantic City was Fantastic!!!! Too Bad Dave.

Your ticket gave you the option to sit on movie theater style chairs on bleachers in the back of the hall or stand in front of the stage. I chose to leave my wife and friends to stand up front center stage five deep. I was soon to be trapped and didn't meet back up with them till after the show.

I compared this show to Ringo's All Starr Band and Abbey Road Tours. Todd sang all the Cars songs like he was always a member of the Cars. I never saw or heard the word Ric all night long. I would even think there were probably some people that still don't know that guy Todd wasn't the lead singer of the Cars in the 80's.

It was great to see Kasim playing with Todd again in his last show before going to London with Meat Loaf. Kasim has become a real professional musician. He sang Drive (the Cars song not Rundgren) and played bass wonderfully.

How can you not enjoy a show that you know every word to every song. Get with it Dave.....

This was my 73rd show since May 1977

Blackwood, NJ

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11/18/2006 - Borgata - Atlantic City, NJ

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