The New Cars Ė Peekskill, NY Ė November 12, 2006

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The last time I was in Peekskill, was back in 2004 when Todd brought the Liars Tour to town. As was the case with the Liars show, Todd did not disappoint. Having only been a casual Cars fan, my interest in this show was primarily motivated by the thought of hearing Todd play something other than material that Iím used to hearing him play, as well as seeing him play with people that I have never seen perform before.

Even a casual Cars fan though, would have recognized all of the Cars hits that just kept coming. While watching the show, I was constantly reminded of just how many well known songs the Cars had produced. Itís a sizeable collection indeed. Hearing Todd belt one out after another really brought a smile to my face, because not only did he sound great performing them, but he conveyed what appeared to be a genuine pleasure while doing so. And then when they did his songs (I Saw The Light, Black Maria, Bang The Drum, Open My Eyes), these became the icing on the cake.

Although I can see how die-hard Cars fans might not be all that accepting of The New Cars lineup, they may want to reconsider their position, as the musicianship was first rate from everyone in the band. Whereas die-hard Todd fans, such as myself, are most likely going to welcome this lineup (minus Kasim) for the sole reason that Todd is just being Todd, by doing something different. After all, most of Toddís real fans appreciate the fact that he is not one to be pigeon-holed and therefore, he will go in any direction he cares to. I look at it this way. We fans are just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and I for one am pretty damn happy that he allows us to come along for the ride.

From where I was sitting (Orchestra Center, Row E) the band sounded great. The mix seemed to work well and the vocals were right where everyone could hear them. Toddís and Elliottís guitar work seems to work together well, and any mistakes made by the band most likely were minimal and probably went virtually unnoticed. There may have been a spot or two where Todd muffed some of the words, but then again, who hasnít?

All in all, this was a great show and I envy the folks that will be taking it in for the first time over the course of the tourís remaining dates. I really had a wonderful time, and I truly am glad that I chose to forgo the world premier of The Simpsonís movie trailer that evening, as Todd had pointed out.

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11/12/2006 - Paramount Center For The Arts - Peekskill, NY

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