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What can be said that will stir the hearts and minds of those that read this review? How to describe the delectable guitar sounds that Eliot Easton conjures? The playfulness of TRís vocals? Listening to the CD of the New Cars, I hear magical guitar sounds that are so sweet and playful, full of masculine vigor, and delight. It has been a few years that I listened to so many Cars songs over and over. Hearing them for the first time, as it were, there are so many wonderful guitar riffs and growls as well as, the dynamic keyboard stylings of Greg Hawkes. I had forgotten how much the Cars music moved me. And now, with Todd at the wheel, and the steady drums of prairie prince to keep it real, this music is such great fun. I love Toddís take on the songs and he brings a humor to the music which, for me, wraps it all in a whole new light.

Unfortunately, the east coast leg of the tour got shinola for publicity, too many egos in management who are just sitting on their widening keisters screaming for their slice of the pie. The poor musicians play their butts off night after night, enduring fans, touring, hotels and restaurant food. They are the ones doing the work and making the sacrifices. And still the monkeys in management once again have to wrench it up.

This tour was fun. The music was delightful. There is absolutely no reason for the tour to have done so poorly. Other than bad publicity and/or bad timing. It sickens me when management doesnítí do their job but wonít consider a cut in pay. Because it is management that sets up the show and gets the word out. If the word does not go out, then no one shows up. Pretty simple. So how can management get a way with it? I donít know and darnit, if I had my wayÖ. So in the end, 2 of the shows for which I had tickets and plans, were cancelled.

Having conversations at different venues with some people responsible for the show made it clear that there had been some selfish and egotistical actions taken by the bandís management. Thankfully, Todd has a lot of people who love him and the tour was not a complete failure. Perhaps Mr. Easton and Hawkes need to consider a different management company because theirs sounds pretty avaricious, in addition to being possibly incompetent. I am sure there are Cars fans out there who never knew that the New Cars were playing nearby. And Todd fans as well.

Thankfully, this show went off, although the house was not full. And I am thankful, this is a great venue and the show was excellent. One thing about this place is that it is hard to get good seats because they seem to go very quickly.

At the back stage door, there was a small group waiting about an hour. We were about to give up when TR made an appearance. He was as usual gracious and generous. We were all tending to be star struck and tongue-tied. There was a wonderful lady I met at the show and we rocked and danced during the show. She left 5 minutes too early, despairing that TR wouldnít make an appearance. Isnít that the way?

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11/12/2006 - Paramount Center For The Arts - Peekskill, NY

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