World Premier of the New Cars, Phase 2

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Well, most may know, the New Cars had to cancel the earlier part of their tour, and are now out and about spreading their danceable music once again.

I have waited so long, I have read other reviews Ö now itís my turn.

Pennís Peak, PA. this is one beautiful venue. They get a lot of great acts, and last Friday, Todd and the Cars made a debut. Perched on top of a mountain in the Poconos, this venue is totally gorgeous, friendly and all together too cool.

Todd R. and the New Cars? How hot is HOT? Todd seems so comfortable with these songs, and seems to enjoy playing and singing. Mr. Rundgren was in great spirits this evening and sang his heart and soul to the crowd. Anyone who has read some of my other reviews, may have noticed that I am usually all praise for Todd and his artistic vision. Most tours and new music have caused me great joy and excitement. I always wonder, will this be the best tour for a while? Those who saw the LIARS tour, may remember how absolutely fantastic and awesome the music and stage show were. Although the set is less flashy on this tour, the music is super strong and super danceable.

I think of this incarnation of our master as, Danceable Todd. I tell you, I could barely keep my feet and body from moving. Prairie Prince keeps a fantastic and fun beat, as always. A true pro and artist that Prairie. The rest of the band gave as much and the music ROCKED.

There are rumors that some of the fans are disappointed in this year/s line-up. I am here to say, GIVE IT A CHANCE. This is one great tour, and todd is generous, relaxed and happier than I have seen him in a while.

The new numbers, Warm, Not Tonight are really fun and I am sure will grow on everyone.



ALSO a quick note about the opening band, Persephoneís Bees. If you like say, Psychedelic furs, and some of the spacier music from late 70ís and early 80ís, then you may love the Bees. They are incredibly sweet people and have some very cool songs.

All in all, I canít wait till my next show. See you there guys! Itís going to be too fun..

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11/10/2006 - Penn's Peak - Jim Thorpe, PA

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