The New Cars at Jones Beach

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It rained and rained, throughout the Blondie set. She was great, sounded better than a few years ago.

First of all, the set was imaginative and probably very expensive. The Cars came out and Todd sounded great. It's always about Todd with Kasim on his left. Is this really the Cars or Utopia singing Cars songs?

The set list was the same. Loved Black Maria. I could have done without Open My Eyes, maybe "I'm looking at You....", Anytime you can see him, it's a wonderful night, despite the cold and rain. And, no broken strings that I could see.

Todd sounded strong and along with Kasim and Elliot's guitar playing it was an all round great expereince.( even with the broken bones) Todd commented "Have the pills kicked in yet?" on stage to Elliot.

Writing this on the day the tour was cancelled, I can't help thinking that Todd should scribble a quick set list with Blondie for the remaining concerts, get Jesse and go for it.

Well, that's my opinion, like he couldn't do it, right.

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6/09/2006 - Jones Beach Music Theater - Wantagh, NY

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