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Ok, I am long time devoted Todd fan, I love the Cars and I was curious to see Blondie in concert so getting tickets to this show was a no brainer.

While Jones Beach is one of my favorite venues to see a show there is always a huge risk that the weather can make or break a show. The weather was great all day long but as we arrived for the show started to rain!!!!! This is the second time in a row that I have gone to a show at Jones Beach and it rained. Well the good news was the rain only lasted until the end of Blondie's set and the weather was better for the "New Cars"

The stadium was about 1/2 full and that might have been in part due to the weather however to fill this place it seems the act needs to be really big and have broad appeal. Jimmy Buffet sells this place out in one day- go figure. The crowd was all ages however alot of the people seemed to be way to old to have possibly been into either of these bands.

The music started. Blondie played a solid set but the sound quality was poor however it seemed to improve as the the set went on. For a 60 year old gal Blondie looks great!!!! I sure hope my better half looks that good at that age- heck at any age!!!!!

The "New Cars" well I think a better name would be the Hybrid cars. A group that has less then 50% of the original members in it needs to totally re-name the band but The set rocked!!!! Todd did a great job with the Rick Okasik vocals and his 4 tunes were great- not a fan of Black Maria though and would have liked a song from the "Road to Utopia albumn as it would have fit better with the set. This is a show that I could see once but they did a great job so once was enough. Todd is better suited for playing with a band and this once again proves it as he had a good time and the musiic reflected that. The wind was blowing and Todd yelled out - "Hey what happeded to the global warming"???

Well the cold the rain and the pesky bugs did not prevent us from reliving the golden days of the late 70's and the early 80's.

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6/09/2006 - Jones Beach Music Theater - Wantagh, NY

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