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I don't know about Cleveland but, I loved Todd & the New Car's on L.I. last night at Jones Beach! The show was just plain fun! Yes I said it FUN! Todd looking as slim as he has in years appeared to being having the most fun on stage since the Liars Tour two years ago and maybe even more. Todd did a great job handling the vocals on the Car's tunes. Elliot Easton was smoking on guitar (broken collar bone and all) as was Todd. The version of Black Maria was the best I've heard since the 80's for sure. His solo was classic Todd and the band rocked it out too. Even Bang the Drum which has become a bathroom run song the past few years for most Todd fan's was great. They started with the usual acoustic Hawaiian sound with the band all at one mike but, returned to the electric version to finish it off with Kaz & Prairie Prince driving the beat. Kaz did a great job with Drive and even hooked up with a hottie after the show! The encore of Open my Eyes was the best in years and fit right in with the show.

The stage designed by Prairie Prince was cool with multiple round video screens flashing all kinds of pictures & lighting designs throughout the show.

Bottom line any Todd fan who stayed away from this show because of the Car's material truly missed a great performance. Not only Todd but, everyone in the band seemed to be having a great time playing last night.One thing it did leave brother Jim and I (who went from sceptic to believer) longing for was a Utopia reunion. Willie's son on drums??

I can't imagine how much fun Todd would have on that tour, or us fans for that matter!

PS To top it all off WE DIDN'T GET WET! It stopped raining just before they started and started right after we got back in the car! :)

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6/09/2006 - Jones Beach Music Theater - Wantagh, NY

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