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I enjoy seeing Todd on stage but unlike those folks who clamor for the up front and personal seats...I sat in an average area from the stage, in orchestra, but in need of binoculars to see him like I would like to. I rarely sit any closer than this area for so many concerts I have seen. I would say that the extremely poor sound was un-forgiveable at this level of performance...or what level is it really? From Paul Mccartney to David Bowie, David Gilmore ...what would I think if I heard the same mediocre/amateur sound at those shows...So many people are so happy just to be there with Todd and that's cool, but really...why does Todd Rundgren continually find himself in lousy mixes...I was at the D.C. "Liars " show and wanted to wrench the controls away from that "sound" crew. The instrument mix on the New Cars CD is far above the vocal mix...not the way it's supposed to cd's are risky at best, but the cd does not sound much better than the this mix to something from Todd's production say so such as "Redux", "Japan-Nearly Human", "Evening With Utopia" and others. I realize Todd is not mixing sound on this Cars show or countless others of his own performances...I would merely ask for the same audio standards he should require or insist upon. I look forward to new Todd music in the future and look forward to Todd performing live with audio as good or better than his peers. By the way..." Worldwide Epiphany " would have been a cool choice...

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6/06/2006 - The Filene Center - Vienna, VA

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