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* Most of the reviews I've seen before last night of The New Cars/Blondie tour have been Narratives, starting with Blondie's performance 1st, so naturally I'll start with THE NEW CARS first and in a */bullet style format instead.

* The NEW CARS were Sensational last night right from the beginning mainly because their Sound Mix was so much Better than Blondie's. A night and day difference!

* Simply put the NEW CARS Sang exceptionally, Rocked the house, Jammed while performing as a very tight band. 'You might think' these guys were playing together for 10 years or so? They played and sounded that good! No kidding! Prairie Prince is one of the best drummers I've ever seen. Kasim Sulton's bass playing has improved substantially over the years and Greg Hawke's keyboard/synthesizer was not at all lost in the mix as reported in a previous review. Hawkes is an exceptional performer as well.

* I am convinced that Todd Rundgren could sing for just about any band on the planet and make them sound better. I don't know what it is about Todd performing in other bands songs? It is just truly unexplainable how great Todd sang/performed last night! Jim Steinman once stated while thanking Todd for his work that 'Rundgren was a Constant source of Amazement and Wonder'. This is the best description I can come up with about Todd's performance last night. You're just gonna have to see this yourself! & Enjoy! Todd could have been the new Lead Singer for Queen as well and it would have worked! Great choice, Elliot & Greg!

* Elliot Easton's guitar playing was Excellent the entire evening. But my guitar hero is Todd, and it was obvious to me that Todd did not want to steal any guitar heroics from Elliot. After all it was a NEW CARS show not soley a Todd show. Todd's guitar solos in 'Black Maria' were not the fiery screaming guitar solos he's played in 'Black Maria' in the past. Maybe Blondie's sound technician took over the mixing controls in this song while the New Cars sound man went for a beer? Who knows? (you'll see what I mean here when I get to the end of my Blondie review).

* The concert started exactly at 8:00pm.

* The Best thing about Blondie was Deborah Harry shaking her Hooters & Butt around during her entire performance, seriously!

* The sound during Blondie's set did not sound/get good until about their 6th or 7th song. I could not even tell/clarify what Debbie Harry was singing during their 1st several songs except in 'Call Me' the opening number of the evening.

* The next best thing about Blondie was their Drummer. However, unfortunately he did not have Prairie Prince's drum set. He would have been much better if his drums sounded like Prairie's. Catch my drift?

* The sound mix was a little bit better during Blondie's encores, though.

* Don't know if Blondie's sound was bad purposely because the New Cars were the Headliner or if their sound technician drank too many or not enuff 24oz keg cans of Heineken before the concert that Wolftrap was serving?

You just have to see the NEW CARS! They'll be 'just what you needed'!

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