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I had seen a tour bus pull into our hotel about 10am but thought nothing of it, since there was only one bus. On our way out the door to get some dinner, I ran into PP in the lobby along with the rest of the band minus Todd getting onto the bus heading out for sound check.

I went to this concert all alone row 3. Rows 1 and 2 were all Blondie fans who indicated they would be leaving after Blondie leaving them empty. The minute Blondie came out it was standing room only. During Blondie’s encore, people from seats behind ours were standing in front of the stage. My friends and I decided that we would get closer ourselves. We were dead center of TR’s mic. We were confronted by some meet and greet participants who were so drunk and disorderly we should have called security on them. One of them spilled a whole cup of beer down my leg. The things we do for Todd....

The concert was much better than I had expected, with the band members walking back and forth playing with each other, lots of activity and movement on the stage, never a dull moment. Open My Eyes had to be the highlight of the evening for me. Todd is really giving it his all this tour, he looks great, and his voice is strong and he didn’t miss a word. I don’t know how he got his hair so white without frying it but his hair is in good condition and for the girls, he was wearing a white linen blazer, black pants, black dress shoes, with that black and white, flower print shirt he was stylin! His hair looked great with the white and black outfit. I was able to get the lei to him with the little cars and working traffic light on it. Elliott still seemed a little ‘stiff’ not moving much but Greg is definitely a NEW Car. He was all over the place on his pod. It was a treat to hear Kasim singing part of All Mixed Up he did a fine job. Bang on the Drum was interesting, since Prairie was the only one playing a drum, and Greg was on the Uke. I lei’d Todd anyways. If TR is really rhythm guitar this tour you could have fooled me, his heart and soul was in every lick, and his facial expressions showed it. Elliott is a great guitarist I had no idea, but TR was the lead from what I could see he just rocked. It appears one of Prairie’s drumsticks was heading my way you can faintly see it in one of the photos, I put my camera down to catch it after taking the photo but being there alone it was hard to catch it but I love the photo!

Todd had mentioned that they are the New Cars the band had an OS upgrade they are now XP. (Come on Todd you know an upgrade would be OSX tee hee hee).

Back stage Elliott came out for awhile to meet with fans, then Kasim handing out bottles of water, along with Greg and Prairie. Todd had already left the building. I gave PP his new outfit that Rachel had made for him and chatted with Greg and it was nice to see Judy again.

This is definitely a see more than once show. See you at DTE.


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6/04/2006 - Blossom Music Center - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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