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Wow what a show! After keeping up on the past shows, reading the reviews and viewing photos I have to agree that Todd & The New Cars did a great show with one song after another. Todd's voice was strong and his guitar playing reminded me of many past shows of his that I've attended. Especially "Black Maria" The songs were memorable and good selections. Being more of a Todd fanatic but still a cars fan I enjoyed the songs. I'm sure many Cars fans hoped to hear the "Cars band" although this is "The NEW Cars" without Rick O'Casek.

Todd was very energetic and continued to play one song after another without much rest.

My wife and I sat next to a couple from Parma, OH. Sorry I didn't get your name, We had fun talking about past shows and experiences. I questioned whether Todd would stay with the "New Cars" for a while or if this would only last one tour. Will be interesting to see what happens. Great seeing Roger Steele again. Liked the shirt he wore of the TR-I era!

I heard the announcers on the Cleveland station commenting on the amount of money that Todd was paid to do this tour. I'm sure that money is part of the reason as to why Todd is involved with this new venture but, I can see he is enjoying himself and pleasing his followers as well. Personally I'm glad to see Todd in the limelight and possibly gain some new fans along the way!

The band did a great job on "Open my eyes" as well as "Hello again" and many others.

I was surprised that Blondie played about an hour and a half and The New Cars were on stage for the same amount of time. Overall it was worth the trip and cost to see OH again!

I wanted to include some great photos of the show but the "security" at the venue were very hard nosed about bringing in cameras. They gave me the same excuse about "The band requested no cameras" Yeah, right! I think there were more "Staff" employees present than the president has bodyguards!! No wonder there ticket prices are so high! I hope there is a slice of pie left for those who deserve it.

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