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I will start my review in reverse this - with comments from my older brother who has never seen Todd live - but maybe has wondered all these years what has drawn me to him. So I get him and his wife to this show - along with my other sister who has not seen Todd. So all 3 of my siblings are gathered for this event - it was GREAT.

My brother:

Does Todd always rock like this?
Why don't we hear Todd on the radio?
How did this band form? They sound better than the originals! What is the connection?
Todd has a presence when he's on stage
Todd sings these songs like their his own - sounds great

I first have to talk about the energy that comes from this line up. You can just tell that they want to be playing - that they admire each other - love the music - are having fun - and most of all - they are rockin the house down. The energy is high - from start to finish. I can tell you I saw the Cars in 1982 or there abouts - and I confess - I thought they were a horrible live band. I'm sorry. But these guys are putting their collective careers - all their musical talent - and knowledge to work - to make an incredible sound.

I never sat down - never stopped dancing - jumping the whole time. Well - ok - for Drive - I did slow down - long enough to take in a beautiful sound - and passion coming our one and only Kasim. His voice did fill the pavillion - the night air - the whole park. And the guy next to me - happened to look over at me - and said "you're crying". Dang - Kasim got me again. He just touches my soul and I cannot help it. I don't know if it's the lyrics - the voice - my life - or what - but it hits me hard.

So then - "the mission". I am as far back in the pavillion as you can get - and I want to be up front where the action is. Yes the Andy Frain ushers turned militia - were in full force. I had to find a way.......so as people were walking up the aisle - I asked for their ticket. No - really I begged for their ticket. And low and behold - a poor fella took pity on me and let me have his. WOOOO HOOOO - I was in!!!

Got right in Kasim's face - haha! Sorry Kasim. I think Debbie and I made him crack up - he was smiling - yet trying to concentrate on his playing. He has a way of making everyone down front feel special - it is amazing. He knelt down and gave "Chloe" ( little girl who won 2 front row tickets just before the show) a guitar pick. 2 boys by me - about 12 years old - said "what did he just give her - what is he doing?".....so I try my best to motion to Kasim that I would like a pic - and the gracious man he his - handed me one. I in turn - gave it to the boy in front me and he was so darn excited and happy - I cannot tell you. It was so great. Maybe 2 new fans are in the works.

It was just one of the magical nights that can only happen when love is in the air - and hearts are open. This is my night - my experience. Thanks to the band for making it happen.

I would give just about anything to hear "Warm" live!! Get the new CD - and enjoy!

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