The New Cars 6-3-6

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I saw the New cars Road Rage tour at Ravinia park theatre in Highland Park Ill.

First I want to say how sorry I was to hear that Vince Welnick passed away last friday. My sympathy to his loved ones. Todd dedicated "I saw the light" to Vince at the show. Blondie came out right on time at 7:30 and I enjoyed her performance, alot of people where up and dancing for her show. I was blown away by the Cars. It was like watching Todds version of the 2006 Utopia. The cars songs were performed with alot of energy! The sound was great and I was very impressed with the professionalism of the band. To hear Todd and Kasim sing the cars songs breathed new life into the cars! I can go on and on about ths great new band. I just hope when they are in your neck of woods that you see this impressive lineup. I was completely suprised that this lineup works so well! Get out and see one of the finnest rock bands out there today! Prairie was carrying the spirit of Vince at ths show. Prairie was the MVP of the night on the tubs!

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6/03/2006 - Ravinia Pavilion - Highland Park, IL

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