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What FUN! It has been more than 10 years since I've seen Todd live. Compared to the "olden days" when I would drive 100's of miles to see him and sleep on concrete to get a front row seat, just typing that amazes me. It's been TOO long. Todd sounded pretty good. His voice was a bit rough in spots, but mostly the sweet voice I remember from all the shows in places like The Old Waldorf and so many other amazing small venues. Todd just rocks. Then and now.

The show started with Debbi Harry coming out looking quite smart in her local garb. I kept commenting to my friend ( 10 years younger than I am) that "SHE IS SIXTY!!!" SIXTY! All I can say is, I wanna BE Blondie when I'm 60! WOW! Her voice was clear and clean. She still moves too, a little slower perhaps, but she moves. So many hits.

And every Cars song a hit! I have never even OWNED a Cars record, and I knew ALL the songs... yes... this means I am old.

Awesome? Maybe not so much. Not if you can remember Todd's nimble guitar solos and piercing,soulful vocals. That is...unless you haven't been treated by Todd's beautiful live voice in such a long time. Unless you didn't get to re-live, for just a second, the freedom of your youth. If the sound of THE MAN didn't just take you back a bit, to a time when you HAD time to drive 100's of miles(for something other than carpool) and sleep on cement and wait in lines and meet amazing people and sit in the front row. To me? Yeah... it was AWESOME.

Laurie Probsdorfer

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5/30/2006 - Coors Amphitheatre - Englewood, CO

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