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The 5/19 performance in Las Vegas was very good despite incompetent technical support.

Blondie kicked off things at 8pm sharp---but Debbie Harrys mike had not been turned on--so a crew member ran out 3 lines into the song to flick the ol switch. Harry got so p-o'd at one point she threw the mike down and walked off to the side of the stage for a few moments. Never have been a fan of that band, I must say they played with alot of energy and sounded tight. Harrys voice started off quite weak, but did improve as her 75 minute set concluded. Alot of Blondie fans in the crowd. After a 30 minute break, the New Cars came out. Awesome stage set-up. Todd did most of lead vocals, and 4 TR songs were mixed in throughout the 90 minute set. Kasim was featured on a couple of songs--outstanding vocals as always. As others have said, you can tell when TR prepares--his talents shine bright. The technical problems continued during the Cars set also. Overall a very good performance...I think a number of Cars fans were impressed with TR based on comments heard. Encore consisted of 3 songs. Couple of suggestions--The New Cars should start their set with a little more energy in terms of first song they select to open with. Rock the house right away like Blondie did---you dont get a second chance to make a first impression.

Lastly, as for the venue, the Aladdin Theatre was very nice, but somehow the hordes of security and ushers should be able to get the sound board and light support board crews to: )sit down and stay out of the way of PAYING fans, 2) quit screwing around talking , taking photos, and interrupting the enjoyment of the concert by those in the seating sections near the sound board(in fact while there were constant technical problems, it appeared that only one of the 6 crew hanging around the board area was even trying to make things work better--the others were talking loud, playing a video game on a laptop, or playing pocket pull---whatever.. . No wonder the techincal problems occured!). And security: keep the moronic photogrpahers from having right of way and standing directly in front of PAYING fans as to block the view of the stage. Incredible....only in Las Vegas,.... But as for the show, THUMBS UP. CATCH IT. (wish TR would sub "SLUT" for Black Maria!!)

signed, the slaw man in Kansas

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5/19/2006 - Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts - Las Vegas, NV

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