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I will start by accentuating the positive. The theater was beautiful, the set and lighting design- spectacular. The band was well rehearsed and in good form and the setlist was great. OK, I tried.

This is my 38th year of seeing Todd shows and I have seen some highs and lows and none of my complaints lie directly with Todd or the band. Equipment problems happen. I know this because I am in the business and work as stage and equipment manager for several bands. It is pretty inexcusable, that with a soundcheck and subsequent line check between bands, that Kasim had to play well into the 7th or 8th song with only intermittent amplification or worse- mostly no sound at all. Todd's vocals sounded like he was singing through a radio shack, $15.00 microphone and his guitar was so lost in the mix it was basically unheard. When Todd solo'd on a few things, he was then too loud. When Kasim's bass could finally be heard, it was just an indistinct rumble. All of these problems lie on the shoulders and ears of the front of house soundman, and unless this was the first time he ever heard live music, there is no excuse. I understand this is a new band and probably a new crew, but even the greenest soundguy can develop a basic mix by the third song. It wasn't until near the end that the mix was finally acceptable.

I am sorry to be so negative because I could see that the band was putting on a good show and in this case were probably unaware of the terrible mix out front.

After letting an hour or so pass after the show, the situation was made worse by listening to the "It's Alive" CD which has a stunning mix and balance and all of the instruments are distinct and yet well blended. If I am being too technical, I am sorry, but I have ears and love Todd in all of his ventures and think The New Cars were shortchanged by their crew. If this was somehow the fault of the venue (even though Blondie's sound was much better), my apologies to anyone offended, but overall this was audibly way below par. I hope I get to see the show again later in the tour and hear the way Todd and the boys intended it to be.

Thanks for "Open My Eyes", it was the highlight of the show.

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5/19/2006 - Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts - Las Vegas, NV

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