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Five of my friends and I attended the show at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix. We enjoyed the “Sweet Spot” package. The people who work for The New Cars are very professional. Everything was top notch. We answered trivia questions at the pre-show party. In case you attend one of these, what you need to know: Blondie started on time. They were fun. Debbie Harry does not have the vocal range she used to, but did a fine job. The crowd was enthusiastic.

The New Cars were superb. The set looks like a professional band. The pacing was great. They knew what they were going to play. Banter with the audience was just the right amount. Todd thanked us for coming out, since he knew we were missing American Idol. In terms of singing, I think Todd is making the Cars material his own. He is no longer trying to sound like Ric Ocasek. Come to think about it, that’s advice most American Idol judges give the contestants. The Cars songs due not seem difficult for Todd to sing. As a result, he did better than his typical performance. At his age, these types of songs might be a good idea. It was quite nice to hear “I Saw the Light” with two guitars. “Moving in Stereo” was probably my favorite of the night.

On the whole, both bands were entertaining. That is all I ask. All six of us enjoyed ourselves.

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5/17/2006 - Dodge Theatre - Phoenix, AZ

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