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This was the best Todd show Iíve seen in 20 years. Iím not some ďTodd is GoddĒ whatever he does is great fan either. Iíve given some, candid and horrible reviews of some of his recent shows on this Board. Iíve been a fan of his for over 20 years and I enjoyed this show even more than the Nearly Human/ Second Wind shows which were fantastic. Yeah I know to some purists, this isnít a real Todd show. I donít care Ė if you cannot enjoy this tour something is seriously wrong with you.

Toddís voice and especially his guitar playing were fantastic. He has some trade off riffs with Elliot Easton that were amazing. Todd also looks like heís lost 10 to 15 pounds for this tour. From the moment Todd and the band came out, the crowd was singing and dancing the entire time Ė completely unlike any Todd show Iíve ever seen. Black Maria was also the best version Iíve ever seen. Also, the Bang on the Drum acoustic/a cappella version they did really got the crowd into it. Like I said, this is an amazing concert, I do not see how anyone could give a negative review of this show.

Also, Blondie played about 10 songs and although Iím not a fan, her voice was in great form and she has a very tight band. The crowd appeared to be close to a sell out. The only negative to this show is that I didnít see many Todd fans there Ė thatís a shame because you are missing his best performance in a long, long time.

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5/16/2006 - Pala Casiino - Pala, CA

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