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I'm not a big Blondie fan. I think their stuff is OK, but I never considered buying a record or anything drastic like that. I thought the Blondie act was just OK, but, except for a few moments, there was no passion. Just going through the motions one more time. I thought Debbie had some significant pitch problems on several songs.

The New Cars were great. They played all the Cars hits + Black Maria, I Saw the Light, and Bang the Drum. Black Maria was fantastic - a little Cars crispness mixed in with the Todd soulfulness. Overall, the sound was good, the playing was precise, and the arrangements were true to the original but enough different to be interesting. The entire band played well and well together. Unlike Blondie, these guys were putting heart and soul into it. Todd seemed like he was enjoying himself and the music, which was nice to see. Making the New Cars was a good decision for all concerned. I would buy a live recording of the show I saw if I could. Go see it.

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5/16/2006 - Pala Casiino - Pala, CA

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