Cars in Grand Prairie

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Thought Todd did a serviceable job on the Cars tunes although the local reviewers didn't agree (what's new?). "Black Maria" was worth the price of admission alone for me. To hear Todd play guitar like he used to and feel those high notes penetrate my body once again--priceless. Great rhythm section of course and found myself impressed with Elliot Easton's playing. He did a great job of double lead with Todd on "I Saw The Light" and was really fun to watch on all the Cars stuff. Todd only had one major screw up forgetting when to come in on the start of a song but this was show 2 and we all know OH.

All in all, it's Todd and Kasim and that will suffice till we get another Todd spectacular. Hurry back Todd! You have a legion of fans stirred up and waiting. And a lot of us aren't getting any younger.

Go see the show if you get a chance.

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5/13/2006 - Nokia Theatre - Grand Prairie, TX

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