Todd at the China Club

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What a treat. The China Club in NYC is a very small venue. The invitation was a winning ticket from WPLJ. The guys came out to about 100 people and I was in the first row standing at the stage. What could be better.

The guys sounded great, Todd was in good form throughout with I saw the Light and Black Maria aside from all the typical Car songs. Todd broke so many strings that they kept changing guitars on him for every song. Couldn't hear Kasim so well and he sang Drive, which I thought Todd could sing to perfection.

Well, nothing will top this, we saw the whole tour, after all, they are playing with Blondie so this is it. A great night. All around a great event. A great pairing. Kudos to Todd.

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4/28/2006 - China Club - New York, NY

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