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My girlfriend Angel won 1st row tickets to this private concert from radio station 106.5 fm.We arrived just as the band was getting out of their limo, and walking by I heard Todd and Elliot Easton talking about a 65 Gibson guitar. We entered the building and waited in the cafeteria with the other contest winners while the band did a sound check. Soon we were ushered into a small presentation room where the stage was set for the Cleveland debut of The New Cars. Todd and the band appear and casually stroll to the stage and pick up their acoustic guitars for this intimate concert. After an intro by the DJ they launch into a 4 or 5 song set that included their new single,' Not Tonight' along with other Cars hits that had Todd singing with his best classic Rick Ocasic voice inflections just for fun. Kasim sang the bass players lament 'Drive'. Greg Hawkes when not playing keyboards would strum along on the ukulele, which we were told is pronounced ukulele ! I enjoyed Elliots' guitar playing throughout the set. After the songs there was a Q&A with the band on-stage, then we were treated to a meet and greet. This was the best since there were only a few people and not the usual massive assembly line event. There was actually time to chat and communicate a bit with each band member in turn while getting autographs. Everyone was in good spirits and the band all seemed optimistic and looking forward to the new cd release and tour.

After the 'official' event Todd and Co. lingered outside and posed for photos with anyone who had a camera. I can't wait to see the New Cars this summer at their outside concert here. I told Elliot we would be there and he said "Great,because there we can play loud!".

Thanks to Angels lucky pen. Thanks to WMVX. Thanks to Todd and Co. for this opportunity!

What a great day.

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