tr - toronto sept 4 2006

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The sound in the hall was great. A bit muddy at first but steadily improved. None of that boomy bass sound you get in some halls.

For such a short time together and half the band having to learn all new songs they did sound really good. Tony Levine added some nice bass fills. It was really a treat watching him play. Jerry Marotta was solid on the drums and Jesseís a great player.

Todd chatted quite a bit between songs. He sarcastically mentioning the fact that they would eventually play a familiar song, but Iím sure almost everyone knew all the tunes.

It was the same great set list the as the other shows, except Temporary Sanity was dropped. A nice version of Hawking and he did do a solo Love Of The Common Man as the second encore.

Too bad it was such a short tour. Iíd like to see this line up revived sometime.

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9/04/2006 - Danforth Music Hall - Toronto, ON, Canada

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