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've been going to lots of Todd shows for the past few years, more then usual..I happen to enjoy seeing Todd in whatever he's doing because face it, it's Todd being Todd.

Toronto was one of those times when alot of friends that you correspond with on the net, got into there cars, trains, planes and buses and made the pilgrimage to see a Todd show. It's the end of summer and we all need a break before we get into the back to school/holiday season.

We were lucky enough to get front row tickets due to my fast talking to the most gracious Ticketmaster CA person I have ever spoken with(shock!). All 7 of us cheering and dancing to Todd throughout the show! So close that when TR shook his head I got drippy hair sweat in my eye....Aaaaahhhh

A really nice set (read the other reviews if you want the particulars).We danced and cheered our way through the set, which I think inspired the crowd. Afterwards we hung around and Jesse was nice enough to go backstage and tell Todd we were there.

Finally here comes Todd and as he walks across the stage I boldly say hey, get the hell over here and say hello I came all the way from California ! ( giggle). He signed and posed for pictures for the people who hung around. He asked me, you didn't come just for the show did you? I replied, well I did some shopping and stopped in Chicago for a few days (Grin)..

I love the people I've met who are Todd fans. It gives me something to do in my spare time, I get to travel, see friends, see different parts of the world and listen to great music. Todd works as hard as he always has and it always makes me feel comfortable watching him work.

Jesse Gress, Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta did a really fine job singing and playing with Todd in this soulful show .

Yep, for a few hours and a couple of days I feel like I'm being rescued from a lonely workaholic life. I come home with tons of memories of the people who have touched my life, all because of the music of Todd. There's nothing more you can ask for is there :*)

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9/04/2006 - Danforth Music Hall - Toronto, ON, Canada

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