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I decided to make the 7 hour drive to Montreal pretty much at the last minute. I had ½ day to pack, gas up, and pick up my friend Don before heading up north. Something was beckoning me to head to this show, and I didn’t realize why until later that evening.

We got a little lost coming into the city, but lucked out in finding a hotel within 3 blocks of the club (which we stumbled upon by accident)! Once again, I brought along the tribute cookbook (one of my recipe’s included), as I’ve done the last 3 shows I’ve been to, in the hopes of having Todd sign it. We headed down to the club early to pickup our tix, and with the help of a “very nice gentleman”, it looked like I would get my chance. Don and I met Jerry Marotta (though we didn’t realize who he was until he told us “he was the drummer”!) – a really cool guy and nice to chat with. Then along came Mightyquinn and his buddy (whom we bumped into at the hotel!). A few minutes later, Jesse, whom we had the pleasure of meeting in Albany during LIARS, came out. Just as I remembered him – a cool, sweet guy. When I remembered he also was in the cookbook, I asked if he wouldn’t mind signing it. He did - and rather sweetly I must say – thanks Jesse! What a guy! A couple minutes later, my “angel” came through as promised, and went in to get Todd for me. Before I knew it, there he was! Someone please pinch me! He was trying to eat and catch sound check, but still, was gracious enough to come out to sign, say hello and take some pictures. I can now finally leave the cookbook home in the kitchen!! Todd is the best. He is so down to earth and in my opinion, is the epitome of cool. This busy man made a very happy girl….and then, as if on cue, in the sky was the most brilliant rainbow I think I’ve ever seen!

For the show - I read this was going to be a “guitar driven” show, and you ain’t kiddin! I was completely blown away. This was the closest I’ve ever been to Todd at a live show. Except for the broken string incident (where Todd told us a story via typical TR humor, while Jesse frantically restrung), I think both his guitar and voice were flawless.

The four of them sounded real tight, and they all seemed to be having a ball – complete with Tony taking pics of the audience! I was bummed to see that the house wasn’t full, but in retrospect, I think it made the evening that much more intimate. The set list seemed to pretty much mimic the other shows. My favorites?

As always - Buffalo Grass, Black Maria, Black & White, WWE – where I just HAD to get up & dance!

Four songs I heard live for the 1st time? Temporary Insanity –awesome

#1 Lowest Common Denominator – real nice

Drive – a fave from TEPTAE

Hawking – goose bumps all over…

A most pleasant surprise? I Saw the Light – performed as if it was his 1st time playing it (and we all know what a stretch that can be for Todd this many years later!)

All this, complete with many well-deserved Standing-O’s….

I also had the pleasure of meeting PrivateU, Amy, and Jeanne. I can now put a face to the name! Amy - I just might take you up on your offer! And Jim, it was a pleasure and a thrill to share the “Todd experience” with you. Don and I really enjoyed hanging with you guys. You really came through for me and I can’t thank you enough!!

In the end, I couldn’t have asked or hoped for a more perfect evening. Todd’s performance was full of passion and soul. He looks great and sounds even better. This man is one of kind, and as long as he wants to perform, I’ll be right there. Montreal was calling me, and I’m so glad I listened. Next show? When the New Cars roll into town!

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9/03/2006 - Club Soda - Montreal, QC Canada

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