Calgary Aug. 28, 2006

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$32.00 for a ticket, $9.00 for the Ticketmaster service charge!!!!.. Waiting in line for too long... Sitting around in a smokey bar for two and a half hours....$20 for drinks...another $25 for nachos and deep fried ribs.

See Todd Rundgren...priceless!!!!

The "Liars" show at Calgary's Whiskey was something us Calgary Todd fans have been waiting for for about 25 years. The Last time we had a chance to see him was about 1976 when we had to drive up to Edmonton to see him with Utopia to open for the Blue Oyster Cult! We were not at all disappointed. Great show! great songs! and a nice intimate atmosphere. The crowd, which consisted of mostly middle-aged local musicians and some other Todd devotees, enjoyed every moment. We spent the first few hours before the show reminiscing about the old days, old favorite songs, favorite albums and reaquainting ourselves with each other as the Calgary crowd mostly knew each other from playing in bands at some time together!

The sound:

Vocals were nicely mixed, bass muddy, guitars thin, NO overhead drum mikes?!? marginal bass drum sound ( no thud.) and sorry, I'm not too old but it was too loud!!!!!!!

The show:

Todd was in fine form, I can't believe the quality of his voice and guitar playing. The Line 6 amp was a surprise but a bit of a dissappointment as Jesse's tube Fender sounded way better. However, Todd's solo's were awesome, if sounding a bit thin and 'over processed' . I wanted to wear a "Todd is God" T-shirt to the show but maturity got the best of me.

Levin and Marotta were such a bonus to see. They play the consumate professionals and it would have been cool to see them stretch out a bit but this was only the second show of this tour. Gress did a great job on guitar! I loved the twin Strat attack, double whammy's and visual conformity. Gress did look somewhat tentative to Todd's seasoned authority.


And Todd! He talked, joked, and interacted with us and we were in heaven...what a voice, what a musician, what a songster, what a nice wardrobe... $32 for the ticket! everyone of us there that I know would have paid ten times that...

Thank you Todd! Come back soon!

Rockin' Ron

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8/28/2006 - Whiskey - Calgary, AB, Canada

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