Calgary Review, August 28th

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Well after 30+ years of hoping to see Todd live, my dream became a reality on a warm Monday night!

Let me tell you, the man can deliver the goods, playing with passion and adding a true sense of humor with his onstage banter.

His voice is simply amazing, sounding as good as ever, and his axe playing…awesome!

I cannot understate the quality of the other musicians as they were all top notch pros, and belted out the songs with vigor, while obviously having a good time.

Tony Levine even took time to take pictures of the crowd (with a big smile on his face) when he had a break playing his bass lines.

Set list was great with my personal faves being Slut, Black Maria (wicked lead playing) and Black and White.

For those lucky few that stuck around after the show, we had the opportunity to meet Todd, get autographs and have our picture taken with him, which was a thrill to say the least.

All I can say, is the man exudes class, is truly genuine human being (no rock star attitude with him) and enjoys his fans.

Thanks Todd for a great show, and we can only hope the next show here in Calgary will be sooner that later!

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8/28/2006 - Whiskey - Calgary, AB, Canada

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