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If there is any good to come out of someone breaking his arm, it's the fact that Canada gets its first Todd tour in I don't know how long. Someone in the bathroom said it was the first time Todd came to Vancouver since 1980. And no offense to the New Cars project, but everyone was happy to see an all-Todd show. Apparently the band spent two days in Vancouver prior to the show practicing up the set. At times you could tell it was a throw together tour with the band looking at each other for visual cues. There were even times when Todd would forget the chords and stop playing, and he messed up the lyrics to Fascist Christ more than once. But really, no one cared. It was a love-in and everyone took it in stride (I don't think many people even noticed the small mistakes). But I digress.... The fact of the matter is Todd and the band sounded and played great. His solos were amazing and his voice got better and better as the night went on. Todd seemed really happy to be there, doing his own stuff again.

The band is solid. There were some people who were obviously big Tony Levin fans. They were camped out right in front of him and stared at his fingers all night. Ahh bass players... Jesse Gress did a good job with the falsetto backups. The sound was great too. The club was only half full which was disappointing, but made it easy to get right to the front.

I can't remember the whole list (I'm sure someone else will be able to flush this out) but included were: I Hate My Frickin' ISP, Fascist Christ, Black and White, Black Maria, I Saw the Light, Lowest Common Denominator, Soul Brother,Lunatic Fringe (a Red Rider cover), One World, etc. I know I'm missing a lot here. He played about a set that was just over an hour, and two encores.

The highlight of the night was the second encore when he played a solo acoustic version of 'Love of the Common Man'. It was unreal. I was getting weepy (and I was sober!). He spent a lot of time after the set, and first and second encore signing albums and shaking hands. The crowd of the faithful was definitely blown away. Todd said that "he'd have to come back." We're holding you to that Todd!

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8/25/2006 - Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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