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Too much life...........

Today, and this week, my lady and I tried to pack too much llife into too small a time frame......

A week's vacation thru Sunday, followed by catching up at work. Then, camping starting Friday. Oh yeah, there was a concert to go to.....

I tried to pick up my lady at 5 p.m. at her job, but with her trying to catch up at work, and trying to get ready for this coming weekend's camping, she had to keep going until 5:30.

Anyone ever try to get to Danbury from Long Island, during rush hour, in 2 hours????

We almost did it.........

We were welcomed, as we walked to the concert, by Todd's singing. The sense of urgency was calmed by hearing him sing. We made our way to our seats, only to find "Hall and Oates" followers rudely chatting behind us. Since we were hungry, Since I have seen many of Todd's performances, I figured I would go to the concessions rather than hear O.H. talked over. Upon my return, the chatter was unceasing. There was but three songs to go, though. All his work was well done, all throughout.

When Hall and Oates came on, I couldn't turn down the opprtunity........

I turned to the offenders and started engaging them in conversation, so as to interrupt their enjoyment. I had great fun watching them squirm to try to see the show while talking to me. Unfortunately, I could not keep up the charade and told them why I was speaking with them at this time, that it was due to their rudeness and disrespect. They whined that I should have told them it was upsetting. DUH. Adults should have to be told to be respectful?

Nonetheless, I turned and respectfully kept silent thru H&O's set.

During the "encore", Todd was so gracious. When you know you're the better all around, eclectic talent, it must be hard to play 2nd fiddle, but Todd was the best, emoting during H&O songs to play to the crowd. A consumate professional. Well Done!

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9/01/2005 - Ives Center - Danbury, CT

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