Aug. 30th Holmedel, NJ concert Review

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Well,all I can say is just WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a concert!!!!!!! It was the best! First, the Arts Center itself was an awesome setting. It was one of those open air stages with a cover over the stage and seats, so the breezes were free to blow through on this gorgeous night! Then they had three giant screens set up above the stage. so if you weren't too close to the stage, you still had perfect close-ups, which made it great for us!

OK, let's get to it - Todd was at his best I believe. His performance was just what you wanted to see that felt like so "Todd". He was happy, smiling, saying funny things ALL NIGHT LONG! His voice was wonderful: I really believe he is happier performing with a back-up band (the H&O Band helped out on his set, as you probably know), which gave him the freedom to really let loose and concentrate on singing, dancing and just performing. And he really got into it! Some of my favorite highlights were: - Yes, dry humping on "Soul Brother" with his hands behind his head - so funny!; Todd traveling back and forth across the stage singing "Love is the Answer" to us; and Todd singing and dancing to "Rock Love". On this song, I know it wasn't my imagination that he performed the fast footwork and shoulder movements just like the Utopia days. If you are a real Todd fan, you know exactly what I mean, some movements were tradition to certain songs and it really was just plain fun and took you right back there. Thank you for that treat Todd!

Todd is my favorite, but H&O is my second, so you know what kind of night this was gonna be! H&O were fantastic! And the greatest thing - was just so happy Darryl seemed to be! He honestly had a smile from ear-to-ear all night long! He was interactive with the audience and kept asking for requests. He did everything you hoped to hear - what a selection! His long hair kept blowing around and he good-naturedly just kept pushing it back and didn't care at all. His voice, well, there just were no flaws at all and you could tell he was loving it!

Now, of course, the finale with Todd and H&O was the ultimate! It was just so much fun to watch them swapping songs and switching instruments and just having fun doing it all! Darryl was dressed in a casual plaid shirt and relaxed dungs, and Todd made you smile when he reappeared in a BRIGHT yellow T-shirt with one of those smiley faces on it! When Todd was playing his green guitar and I saw his foot go to the floor pedal so he could solo - it was just awesome hearing him play so loud and clear like that on "Foamy" in person.

I think you get the idea how much fun we had. I only wish Todd glasses weren't tinted, because I miss his eye expressions when he's really into the lyrics, oh well.

So, now I'm pumped up and have to see Rock Love one more time, so there's nothing else to do. So yes, I'm playing my Utopia Live in Boston 82 DVD as background! So glad these preserved time capsules are available to us!

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