borgata 8.28.05

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you know a lot alreadsy by the reviews but heres some things i thought about there:

1. tr was on way more equal footing on this bill than in 2002- h and o s set seemed an attempt to be sponteanous..but after their slow version of ooh child..the pa announcer had to prompt the crowd to make noise..i did like the inclusion of its a laugh and so close in their set but it was not pop h and o by any went over very well....

2. darryl really seemed to enjoy singing with todd and todd as well..john was just ..john..and kinda out of the way

3. this is not all roses..i dont like h and os drummer m braun much at all..i dont like his time....he drug the fuck out of buffalo grass-it was half the speed of when it started...also past was way too fast...maybe to mimic ths speed of the album but we all know slower is always better when youre having sex............i thought the drummer was like willie but couldnt hold his jock....i appreciated the samples of cymbal shimmers and then bongo/congo taps in sweet..

4. the inclusion of sweet and past made all the difference...i mean h and o havent made an album as good as liars. like ever.....unfortunately their splender hasnt been translated on cd for some time now-their last few have contrast our man is a vital artist-creating new works on the level with his came off that way live-- a band trying to live off past glory with a singer who longs for more but hasnt been able to find the path there (ie sacred songs, etc) and the real thing..somone who has indeed found it.

5. his performance was amazing especially from an energy standpoint- todd was runnning back and forth performing rock love exactly doing the same dance moves i first saw (shocked me) in 1979..he didnt do this on 2002 to this extent..........he was also very animated on the h and o set..

6. to his credit he even whipped up more politics than before on this tour- and he even prefaced love is thre answer with a plea for world understanding and peace.....he said: this song also has a burden to bear..bill o reilly, sean hannity they dont have the answer and certainly george bush has no was magical, the crowd went insane..i should also point out what great singers the band were..especially the dorky horn player guy who wears the red suit-(the only person more annpoying in rock music is that idiot that follows clapton and collins around and playes percussion in an overdramatic way)...todd voice was in prime condition.some at top end..but sweet and past..were the shit...............

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8/28/2005 - Borgata - Atlantic City, NJ

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