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Went to the concert at the Borgata last night and came away with a few thoughts. First of all Todd did most of his set justice. Buffalo Grass was great as well as the liars stuff. He was funny and witty, as usual, and acted like he was glad to be there. The encore with Hall and Oates was okay. It was interesting to me that D Hall and Todd sound alot alike. When they trade off lines of each others songs DH sounds like Todd did 5 years ago. Todd didn't hit the high ones tonight like he can occasionally. Hey but age does that to a person. Still I am glad I had the opportunity to see Todd in any venue. I do have a problem though. I have had it with Todd and his massacre of some of his songs. I know some will say that they are his songs and he has artistic right to change them if he wants to. I say bullcrap. He released the song a certain way to sound that way so why not play the damn song the way it was meant to be or not play it at all. I would rather him say I am never going to play this song again and never do it again. I know he has sang Hello at least a krillion times and the same for Bang and Light. So Todd for the ones who have supported you for thirty some years and hate the way you treat your old songs, put them to rest. Would it not be great to never hear those songs you treat with such contempt again and to hear instead more liars or even Second Wind or NWO songs. In a perfect musical world, Todd says I am never playing those songs again. The night he finally gets his just rewards and is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he plays them, with the same passion as he did when he wrote them, and exits stage right. I've got cold chills just thinking about it.

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8/28/2005 - Borgata - Atlantic City, NJ

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